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I don’t write reviews often, so there is a good reason for this one. Every time I have been here for hardware, a snow blower, mulch, salt and other supplies, I am always glad I came here. The people are nice & friendly and as importantly knowledgeable. When I make payment, it is also great that the price is fair. So much better an experience than wandering the aisles of a massive warehouse big box hoping to find someone to help you. Keep up the good work, and like our family owned Tile & Kitchen business, we truly appreciate our customers like you do!

Al A.

What a great place! I’ve been coming here for over half a century. My dad used to swear by this place when I was a kid. And they still have great staff. They are friendly, they know their product, and their word is their bond. You will not find that at the big box stores. Coming here, is like a slice of Americana… Sidenote, Taw has been helping me with snow blowers, lawnmowers, etc. He is like the go to guru of yard equipment. I know him since he worked at Heckingers on MacArther Road. Great experience!!!

Stephen H.

Went to ALBRIGHT’s today not sure what type of hedge trimmer to buy. Harry answered all my questions, helped me choose the right product for my situation and set up my trimmer for immediate use. He even walked me to my car and demonstrated it’s proper use! No high pressure sales, just good old fashion knowledge, service and polite customer interaction.

Douglas K.

Excellent customer service!! Just recently bought my first home and Albrights is very close to work for me, and on my way home. They make it easy to stop and get whatever I need. Someone is always willing to help me out with any questions I have as well. Thoroughly enjoy giving them my business.

Tyler B.

Albright’s is great and very convenient. It is a block from our house, so whenever we need something and don’t want to run to Lowes or Home Depot we go there. It costs a bit more, but saves us drive time and the hassles that go with it.

Michelle L.

Fantastic service. It’s a smaller store than the big names so it’s clearly going to have less selection to browse but they have what you need and their people won’t be confused or annoyed when you ask for something.

Hunter R.

Same prices as the Big Box Stores, but MUCH faster and way more friendly. Perfect for the “in and out” purchase. Staff will find things for you and carry purchases to your vehicle. You can’t get personal service like this anywhere else.

Garett R.

Very helpful, extremely nice. Type of quality and service that you don’t get anymore. Support local business, bring back this type of business for the new generation, and maybe our children will not be Box Store, iPhone addicted robots anymore.

Chip T.

Great People. Always helpful and honest. I just wish they make store large and carry whole bunch of stuff so that I do not have to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Pramod S.

I have never walked into the store without someone offering to help me find something, many times getting it for me or walking with me to show me exactly where something is. The friendliest people you could ever want to meet.

Gloria H.

Awesome staff went above and beyond to help us find everything we needed! Will absolutely go back!

Toni S.

The staff is very knowledgeable and the variety of items they stock is impressive. They’ll generally have everything they need around the home.

Kevin Y.